The Band


The Band:

Known as an experimental disco-funk band out of Boston, Massachusetts, the Honey Sauce Band goes beyond the cosmos to offer an out-out-this-world sound experience. Their intergalactic soulful grooves elevate the listeners’ inner vibes to instantly transport them to the moon and back around their musical soul-lar system. This experience is supported by a set of diverse earthlings including the Disco-obsessed vocalist Saucy Lady, Cuba-trained percussionist Nika, guitarist Hector Huambo aka Sweet Nectar, groove master Joaquin Santos, and Latin rhythm-inspired keyboardist and musical director Yuki Kanesaka.

Saucy Lady

Known as the “Beantown Disco Queen”, Saucy Lady is a Boston-based vocalist, songwriter, and DJ. She also runs her label, Audio Chemists Recordings that released a vinyl EP this year of her own Honey Sauce Band, entitled “Boy Toy”, and a 7″ featuring her own remakes of classic Japanese throwback tunes by Tatsuro Yamashita and Misora Hibari.

Saucy’s also known as the First Lady of Star Creature Universal Vibrations, the leading female artist off the Chicago-based label that’s been on a roll with sold out 7″ releases of original modern funk and intergalactic space-age boogie. Saucy’s released original tracks off of Street Muzik, ISM Recordings, Midnight Riot, Soul Clap Records, Dopeness Galore, Monophonic, Kadokawa, to name a few.

As a DJ, she specializes in 70’s-80’s Soul, Funk, Boogie, Disco, Jazz Funk, and 90’s Hip Hop and R&B. She DJs at bars, clubs, weddings, corporate events, retail stores, house parties, and on radio.

Saucy Lady has collaborated with numerous artists around the globe including K-Maxx, E-Live, Throwback Zack, Soul Clap, Inkswel, Rahaan, T-Groove, First Touch, Lord Funk, Adam Chini, Yam Who?, UnoMas, Ourra, and Kan Sano, and others.

Yuki ‘U-KEY” Kanesaka

Graduate of Berklee College of Music, he was awarded the 1st prize winner for “THE SOURCE National rap music competition” as an up-and-coming producer. He toured as a keyboardist with major rap artists such as Cee-lo (Goodie Mob), Maceo (De La Soul), Medusa, and other talents. He’s played on stage with Darren Barret (trp/ Elvin Jones), Giovanni Hidalgo (per), John Blackwell (dr/ Prince) and George Duke. He is currently working with talents across the globe including tracks with Lisa Yamaguchi (Victor Entertainment Japan), soundtrack for Disney film, Beauty and the Beast, and production work for multiple other local and International acts.

Recent works include “Re:Live Hip Hop Classics Meets Jazz” featured as the most recommended album of 2013 by Tower Records.

Album was reviewed by DJ Spinna as follows: “Monolog Re Live is a direct tribute to golden era hip hop. Although there has been renditions of classic hip hop songs created in recent times this one stands to be the most aurally euphoric to date.  The direction, the musicianship, and reinterpretations of these classic tunes are genius. The choice of songs are also to be appreciated because it covers the gamut of g-funk to jazzy boom bap and even slow mid west hip hop which adds diversity to the album. To top it off, it’s all performed live by one person with high musical standards, which should cement this as a colossal body of work out the gate. I can see lovers of new jazz, neo soul, and hip hop embracing Monolog Re Liv. It’s classic material for sure and one with continuous replay value.”

Takafumi Nikaido

Takafumi Nikaido was born in 1993 in Japan. He began playing alto saxophone at the age of six. He participated Jazz big band (Sapporo Junior Jazz Orchestra) with his older brother. After attending a concert by Earth Wind & Fire in Sapporo, he was impressed with the percussion player. And thus, he started to play percussion when he was seven years old. Takafumi first visit Cuba in 2005 when he was twelve years old. He performed with the best rhumba group in Cuba “Los Muñequitos de Matanzas”. He took dance and percussion lessons from Conjunto Folklórico Nacional de Cuba. He atended Hokkaido Groove Camp which was organized by Tiger Okoshi, Yoron Israel, Joanne Brackeen, and David Clark in 2006, 2007, and 2008. Takafumi was awarded a full scholarship for 5 week summer program of Berklee. He participated 5 week program twice in 2009 and 2011.

He enrolled Berklee in 2012. He played with the Pedrito Martinez Group at Guantanamera restaurant in NY. He has formed an original band “Tokyo Hybrid Concept” and he went on his first tour in Japan. Takafumi went to Cuba again in 2014 March for take International Percussion Competition. He got prize of “the best foreign entrant”. He studied with José Luis Quintana “Changuito”(Los Van Van), Adel Gonzalez(Irakere,Chucho Valdez Group) and Giraldo Piloto(KLIMAX). In summer, he did Japan and South Korea tour as a member of “The United East Jazz Quintet”. In December, he played at the American Summit Conference, hosted by the Clinton Foundation in Miami Florida.

Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 12.13.01 PM
Joaquin Santos


Joaquin is a drummer always keeping the cosmic groove alive for the Honey Sauce.


Hector Huambo

Guitarist, Héctor, aka Sweet Nectar is the sweetest ingredient for the Honey Sauce.

Héctor is an internationally recognized Guitarist, Instrumentalist, Producer and Composer who is a native of Lima, Perú and now resides in Quincy, Massachusetts. He is influenced by a wide variety of styles such as Rock, Pop, Metal, Flamenco, Bossa Nova, Jazz, Electronic and Latin American Folklore.

Héctor’s performances have extended to major venues such as the Hard Rock Café in Boston, MA,where he played electric bass for acclaimed Hip Hop/R&B/Rock band Dreamryde and Jewel Nightclubin Manchester, NH where he performed on different occasions with National Rock Bands like Pop Eviland Trapt as Bass Player for Award Winning, National Touring Hard Rock/Metal band Leaving Eden, with which he has toured across the country sharing the stage with National Bands like Saving Abeland Straight Line Stitch.  He is currently the Lead Guitar Player for Latin Pop/Rock band Camino N’ Exceso, Bass Player for R&B/Soul artist Sympli Whitney as well as for Reggae Artist KingIlabash, and Recording Assistant for Awarded Harpist & Composer Kim Chaerin.

Original/Alternate (Sub) Members:

Yuma Hara

Guitarist Yuma Hara is a Graduate of Berklee College of Music, is originally from Yokohama Japan has been performing and recording professionally in the U.S. and Japan. He grew up in a musical family, with his father as a professional jazz guitarist and his grandfather a composer and musical director of the long-time jazz orchestra Sharps & Flats. Yuma grew up listening to blues, jazz, R&B and his sound reflects the old school soulful vibes with a modern touch.  At Berklee, he was taught by Jeff Lockhart and frequented playing at Wally’s Cafe in Boston. Yuma has released numerous recordings both digital and physical, and performed on radio, television, and many large-scale venues internationally.

Takuma Anzai

Takuma Anzai is an experienced session drummer and percussionist based in Boston, MA. His performing and recording credits include award-winning producer Nicolas Farmakalidis of Neilaproductions (Marty Friedman, aika, Ayaka Hirahara), arranger/producer/keyboardist Adi Yeshaya (Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston), EMI recording artist aika,  Mission Hill (Toucan Cove Records/Universal), Video Game Orchestra, producer/keyboardist Yukihiro Kanesaka a.k.a. U-key, and many others.
Born and raised in Fukushima, Japan, Takuma took his first piano lesson at the age of 7. At the age of 11, after his older brother influenced him, Takuma started playing the drum set. At the age of 15, Takuma had his first live performance with his junior high school classmates at their graduation party, and since then, he has been an in demand drummer. After performing in night clubs, concerts, festivals, and numerous recordings, his passion for music and learning drove him to the USA at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in 2004.

While at Berklee, Takuma studied with Dave DiCenso, Terri Lyne Carrington, Mark Walker and Jon Hazilla.Takuma graduated Berklee College of Music with a degree in Performance (2007.) Takuma has performed with a lot of artists and musicians from around the world, and he has developed his own unique style of drumming. He is a first call drummer due to his versatility, knowledge of many different musical styles and his professionalism. Besides working on his solo career as session drummer, Takuma has joined/played with many different bands in the USA including the award-winning band “Mission Hill” (Toucan Cove Records/Universal), and Video Game Orchestra.  He has shared the stage with Bon Jovi, Kid Rock, Candlebox, WAR (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame), Ke$ha, Adam Lambert, and The Script amongst many others.

Born in 1983 at Higashimatsuyama city in Saitama prefecture, Japan. He playing guitar when he was 16. After one year he choose play the drums at the age of 17. And he played Pop, Rock music in high school.

At age of 25, he was going to The Collective at New York. He studied Jazz, Latin, Brazilian music from September 2008 to December 2010. He studied with Kim Plainfield, Ian Froman, Marko Djordjevic, Peter Retzlaff, Vince Cherico, Jason Gianni, Adriano Santos.

And he is going to Berklee college of music. He is learning performance and Music production & engineering. He is winner for Armand Zildjian Percussion Award 2013.


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